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About Us
With our perspective of production which does not  make any concession of safety and esthetic, not only by manifacturing the most convenient product of steel-door sectors, for the modern world’s necessities  and expectaions but also by manifasting the qualified difference in all phases, from material quality, designing  procution to post-sale services to feed customer satisfacion, we keep increasing our portion in the contrubtion of the world’s economy.
Luxury Panel Steel Door Series
• Alphi Panel • Ultralam Panel • Laminate Panel • Embossed Panel
Panel Steel Door Series
• Rustic Panel • Color Laminox Panel • Chrome Laminox Panel • Rustic Laminox Panel
Classic & Special & Copper & Fire
• Classic & Special & Copper • Arched Doors • Fire Door (With TSE, CE Sertificated)
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